Women’s Hair Loss – More Common Than You Think!

When it comes to hair loss, people generally think of it to be a male issue, leaving women who suffer with the same woes feeling like they’re alone. There are many products and hair loss solutions that cater to men trying to regrow their hair. Women’s hair loss issues however are less commonly addressed. Women with hair loss should know that they are not alone and there are solutions for female hair loss. Gathering the strength to overcome social stigmas and seek a resolution to female hair loss is the first step. Realizing that you’re not alone and that many other women have faced hair loss and found comfort in knowing there are solutions to hair loss that are non-surgical and discrete.

women's hair loss replacementAccording to the North American Hair Research Society, 50% of women over the age of 50 experience female pattern hair loss. 40% of women experience significant hair loss before the age of 40. If you are experiencing hair loss as a women, you are not alone!

Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

After realizing you are not alone when it comes to women’s hair loss, it’s time to research your potential solutions. You will come across some “quick fix” at-home remedies as well as surgical options.  The quick-fix solutions can be inconsistent or only a temporary solution, while surgical options are invasive and can be extremely expensive. At Millennium Hair Studio, we provide non-surgical options with a hair restoration solution that will build confidence and help you feel like you again.

Finding an environment that is comforting with stylists who understand your needs will help relieve the anxiety from the social stigma of women’s hair loss. We’re committed to finding a solution unique to you that is discrete, long lasting, and doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance.

We would love to talk with you about your experience and show you solutions unique to your situation. Contact us today for a consultation!