Male Pattern Baldness – Causes and Solutions

Male pattern baldness is an issue the majority of men will have to face during their lifetime. The US National Library of Medicine that over 50 million men will experience hair loss in the United States alone. While coping with this issue can be stressful to one’s self esteem and self image, there are solutions and even immediate fixes.

What causes male pattern baldness?

There are a few factors that can lead to hair loss in men. The most common cause is androgenic alopecia, which can happen to both men and women. In men, this hair loss starts in the pattern of an “M” where hair begins to recede at the temples as well as the back center of the head. This form of hair loss is genetic and tends to increase with age. As you age, your hair follicles can begin to shrink. As they shrink, your hair will begin to thin until the follicles shrink enough that hair just stops growing.

What does male pattern baldness look like?

As we mentioned above, hair loss in men usually shows itself in the shape of an “M.” Hair is typically lost around the temples as the hair begins to recede, until it reaches the crown. In other words, it affects the scalp. Take a look at these photos below to see what a typical case of male pattern baldness looks like:

typical male pattern baldness male pattern baldness causes and solutions




Fixing male pattern baldness

Fixing hair loss in men doesn’t have to be a complicated or surgical process. At Millennium Hair Studio, we use hair systems that are discreet and hand designed for each individual. A hair system is easy to maintain and does not require a great deal of maintenance. It is for these reasons that many men, and women, decide to use a hair system as a solution for hair replacement. Our hair systems come in any color, style, or texture so that it will fit seamlessly into the rest of your hair and be virtually undetectable to even the most curious onlooker.