Alopecia in women

Alopecia in women

Millennium Hair Studio would like to ask that people participate in July’s International women with alopecia month by becoming informed on the issue women face with alopecia and hair loss. This is a highly emotional and sensitive topic that deserves more attention than society gives. Alopecia in women is unfortunately more common than people think. […]

Losing Hair from Cancer

Losing Hair is one of the difficult obstacles people face when the realities of cancer set in. When discovering how day-to-day routines will change, how people will perceive you will change, and how you see yourself will change, losing your hair shouldn’t be a worry. Knowing that this hurdle cancer victims have to face can […]

Hair Fall Remedies that Actually Work

Hair Fall Remedies that work

There are a lot of hair fall remedies that claim to help regrow lost hair. From hair loss shampoos to vitamins for hair growth, there are tons of hair loss products on the market that aren’t a one stop solution for hair loss. Why Some Hair Fall Products Don’t Work The effectiveness of various hair fall […]

Women’s Hair Loss – More Common Than You Think!

women's hair loss replacement

When it comes to hair loss, people generally think of it to be a male issue, leaving women who suffer with the same woes feeling like they’re alone. There are many products and hair loss solutions that cater to men trying to regrow their hair. Women’s hair loss issues however are less commonly addressed. Women […]