Alopecia in women

Millennium Hair Studio would like to ask that people participate in July’s International women with alopecia month by becoming informed on the issue women face with alopecia and hair loss. This is a highly emotional and sensitive topic that deserves more attention than society gives. Alopecia in women is unfortunately more common than people think. We want to bring awareness to an issue that is sometimes hard to talk about for the women suffering from this condition. Realizing the impact alopecia has on their daily lives and how it can greatly alter a women’s life. With so much pressure and emphasis on women’s hair by society through commercials an product; hair can sometimes be thought of the emphasis of a women’s beauty. Women with alopecia can have many difficulties with this. In honor of International Women with Alopecia Month we just ask that we take a moment and give recognition to the women going through this.

Public Perception… Alopecia in women

It can be harder for women with hair loss issues to discuss and be open with the subject as compared to men; it’s seen as taboo in our society. The public perception of hair loss is viewed as a common male problem; alopecia in women is rarely brought up.  Many don’t realize that women experience hair loss just like men. Male hair loss is a social norm, it’s almost expected for men to have to deal with hair loss at some point in their lives; for women it can be a lonely and painful subject. Many women feel that they are alone when it comes to hair loss when in actuality they are many out there just like them, feeling the same isolated from society feelings that others are.

Millennium Hair Studio offers services to a wide varied of clients dealing with hair loss. Hair loss stems from many different factors; we pride ourselves on having a solution for all of them. Women with alopecia are no exception. Over the years we’ve helped many clients with this exact situation; we help through the situation and get them back to where they want to be.