About Us


Our goal is to provide you with excellent service; and the products we use are customized so that you will achieve a look that is exactly right for you no matter what the causes of hair loss, unnoticeable and easy to maintain, even with an active lifestyle…

We believe in what we do and we are dedicated to making your experience at our studio entirely enjoyable.

Privacy, Discretion and Comfort

From the moment you enter our studio we want you to feel as comfortable as you can be. We have created an environment where complete privacy and discretion is of paramount importance. We believe in pampering our clients so that the process of looking good also makes them feel their best. There are many causes of hair loss, and we will discretely help you with whatever the cause.

Millennium Waiting Room.

Our Stylists

Our hair stylists have been in the business for many years. They are experienced professionals committed to making you look your best.

They are your advisers and your friends, and they are happy to answer all of your questions. Their goal is to apply their talents to your specific needs, providing you with complete confidence in your appearance. You can count on their expertise to achieve great results.

Millennium Hair Stylist

Complimentary Consultation

We would love to have the opportunity to make a positive change in your life by turning the self-image you have of yourself into a reality. Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation—At Millennium Hair Studio, we’ll get you ready for this new millennium!