Hair Replacement for Children

MilleniumChildrenHair loss, whether from cancer treatments, illnesses, disease, or other causes, can be extremely difficult to handle and deal with. This is especially true if a child is suffering from hair loss. While you may not be able to cure, stop, or correct the hair loss, you can influence how your child handles the hair loss and teach them ways to cope with the distress.

Dealing With New Hair Loss

If your child currently has a full head of hair or their hair is just beginning to thin from Cancer Treatments, Medication Use, or other causes, there are definitely steps you can take to help them prepare for the eventual total loss of their hair and better handle the psychological distress.

First and foremost you need to speak with your child about the hair loss and fully explain what will happen and when. This can be a very difficult discussion to have with your child, especially if they are also dealing with fear and anxiety about the cause of the hair loss. To help make the discussion easier and more effective for both of you it is best to check out a book on the subject. There are numerous books on the market that detail ways to approach a conversation with your child about hair loss. Talking early and often about the hair loss will help your child work through their anxieties and start to accept the inevitable.

Hair Replacement

With Millennium’s hair replacement systems there’s no reason a child must suffer the consequences of hair loss. We provide custom-designed hair replacement system specifically for children.

Our custom-designed hair system can take most challenges of daily life with some basic guidance and minimal maintenance.

Please see our page on MEN’S HAIR REPLACEMENT or WOMEN’S HAIR REPLACEMENT for a detailed explanation of our non-surgical solutions for adults and children.

Complimentary Consultation

We would love to have the opportunity to make a positive change in your child’s life. Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation, because at Millennium Hair Studio, we care about children!